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 Prescribed Skin Care Custom Solution

Consultation is  Prior To Treatment  $60.00 

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We offer 17 different chemical peels. We will customize your skin treatment to you'r skin necessity and concerns. One or more chemical peel's may be used in a one office treatment. We try to cover all areas of concern and need. You will only pay one price. Enjoy

Chemical Peels
IonActive Power Treatment DERM (Aging)
 BioActive Peel DERM (Acne)
Core Ongoing Skin Maintenance  DERM
 24K Gold Facial Lightning & Thigtning
 The Pigment Treatment 
The Sensitive Dry/Oily 
 The Age Control 
 The Treatment for Men
 The Treatment for Scarring/ Microneedeling
  (1) $299.00 (3) $897.00 
  (6) $1794.00    
 The Rosacea Treatment
 The Excema Treatment
 The Psoriasis Treatment
  Underarm Lightning Peel
  (1)$80 (6) x$480

Body Peel Treatment...

Half or Full Back 

 $220- 330.00
Neck Lightning Peel
 Arms Peel
 Legs Peel 
 Elbows, Knees,Hands,
 $65 each pair

Chemical Peel Series

We offer different chemical peel packages as listed below:

 Prices (click  to order)
4 pack @ $130 each
6 pack @ $130 each
8 pack @ $130 each
10 pack @ 130 each

Target Slimming Treatment

Consultation Needed

Prices Starting @ $89.99

4 x $279.99

8 x $489.99

12 x $612.00

Treating all Areas Of The Body

Light Therapy IPL

Consultation Needed
Prices Starting @ $299
Areas Treated: All Body

Treatments: Photo Facial,
Skin Rejuvenation,Spot Remover, Broken Capillary Removal, Hair Removal

Body Sculpting/ Tightning

Consultation Needed

Prices Starting @ $ 199.99

6 x $1194

12 x $2388

Treating All areas of the Body:

Face,Jaw,Neck,Eye Area, Arms, Buttocks,Thighs, Abdomen, Stomach

Waxing / Permanent Hair Removal

Eyebrow Design $12                

Lip $8                                    

Chin $8

Face $25                             

Underarms $20

Arms lower or upper $40

Full arms $50

Legs upper or lower $50

Full legs $80 

Back upper or lower $55

Full back $70

Bikini $35

French $55

Brazilian $65 

Makeup Artistry

Makeup Classes Free with minimum purchase 

One on One Session

Gather your girls minimum 4 up to 12

$65 includes your Starter Kit


WomensHealth Approves

A Deep superficial exfoliation of buildup, dead skin cell's . Reveling smoother supple fresh skin.This Protocol is ideal for facial scarring,rough skin texture. It brings luminosity to the skin. 

Price $75 

Package of  6 for $ 450

Ultrasound Deep Cleanse 

Skin inc Shares

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing is a treatment which utilizes ultrasonic wave motion for the removal of aged surface skin cells, and surface impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads.

You will notice that your skin is immediately clearer, softer, and more compliant after each treatment. Repeated treatments will result in an increase in skin metabolism, clearer and more refined-looking skin.

Price $75


Staring @  $300 Each Session

4 Sessions $1120

6 Sessions $1620

Membership: Beauty Bar Unlimited

  • 2 Treatments per month are included. Thats 24 Treatments in ONE Year (1) 
  • *Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion. * Dermasound Facial. * Facial Mask * Dermaplaning *Microneedling
  • This is a Beauty Bar Membership also allows you to purchase our services at a set discounted price for members only.
  • Services 25% Discount off regular price
  • Our retail products 5% off regular price
  • Including our Jane Iredale Cosmetics line our PCA Skin Care Line & Dermalogica 
  • This can not be applied to bundles,packages or already discounted items.
  •  This offer may not be combined with any other deal or offer not mention in this article.  
  • Price $1080 for 1 YR  (Contract no money back or exchange treatments can be used in any given day in your 1 (one) YR)